A Flower of Flame

Its been a while that I haven’t posted any thing, this month and the next I have all my exams, practicals etc. etc., but today I thought I should post something; not much but small doodles, again drawn in the middle of the classes I attended few weeks back.

But one of them was drawn out of anger. I was so angry at that moment that I found nothing, but to draw anything and drawing helps a lot to cool down my anger. Looking at the drawing, it seems to me that they were flames of my anger but it actually looks like a flower so I named it as “A flower of flame”. I wasn’t going to post it but my best friend said that this looks beautiful you should post it, so here it is now I am posting it.

Though these are busy months but I am trying something new in art that I haven’t tried before and I am enjoying it. Soon I’ll be posting them as well.






Upon the path,

That never seems to end,

Surrounded by the dark and light,

That path is our friend.

We all have to walk,

till it extends.

Showing the journey of life,

 At last, it leads to the end.



The water that rushes down,

Gives life all around.

The color that is beautifully blue,

makes a scenic view.

The pleasant melodious sound,

makes us all spellbound.

The endless flow 

That gives, nature a glow.


IMG_20170325_230842 - Copy

She has worked hard,

To reach that far.

Having the brightness of sun,

She has always won.

Emerged as a strong women,

She fought all the demon.

Leading herself to the victory,

she created history.



They live short life,

Few hours sometimes.

But fulfill their duty,

To grace nature’s beauty.

They know their worth,

But are always down to earth.

Never taking pride,

Just keep the surrounding bright.



The drawing that I’m posting today is the one that got me 2nd position in sketching competition recently.😁😄😄


Standing with dignity,

Holding the ground,

Hard on the outside,

But the inside is profound.

Family is what,

That grows over his head.

He is the man,

who works hard for the bread.




Hanging glasses.

Glasses of wine,

Is heavenly divine,

Floating in the flavors,

Every nerve favors.

Filling the life with colors,

Of all the lovers,

They think this is the peace,

But this is how the wine deceive.