Instagram account- @an_artists_pursuit


Wind the fire

For a while I was thinking of creating my Instagram account and last month I created one. I posted some of my new paintings and artwork that I haven’t posted here yet and some of my old one’s. You all can check that account and let me know what do you think of the new work.

Instagram account- @an_artists_pursuit



Sailing for light

Sailing through the endless night,

Passing by the mystical land,

Each step is for the moonlight,

All are traveling hand in hand.

The stars are shining bright,

The clouds are beautifully dark,

Giving the strength to fight,

As the journey of ships embark.



Its been 2 months that I haven’t posted my work, not that I wasn’t creating anything , it’s just that I was caught up with something important. Now that I am free so I thought to post something that I made few months back.

This picture is of a man wearing a turban. It is one of the symbol of respect and dignity so you can think how important it is for a person. In India, the turban is referred to as a pagri, meaning the headdress that is worn by men and is manually tied, and it specifies the wearer’s region or religion.

On the day I made this I wasn’t much clear what to make, so just started drawing line and then this came into existence. I am happy the way it came out, though there is the possibility enhancing it more but I choose not to do it more as it might get over the top. Less is more, simple is powerful.




Is everything okay?

Words we want to hear.

One of the few questions,

Which must be cleared,

Maybe only to few,  

But it must be shared.

The question should be asked,

By all those who care.