A Flower of Flame

Its been a while that I haven’t posted any thing, this month and the next I have all my exams, practicals etc. etc., but today I thought I should post something; not much but small doodles, again drawn in the middle of the classes I attended few weeks back.

But one of them was drawn out of anger. I was so angry at that moment that I found nothing, but to draw anything and drawing helps a lot to cool down my anger. Looking at the drawing, it seems to me that they were flames of my anger but it actually looks like a flower so I named it as “A flower of flame”. I wasn’t going to post it but my best friend said that this looks beautiful you should post it, so here it is now I am posting it.

Though these are busy months but I am trying something new in art that I haven’t tried before and I am enjoying it. Soon I’ll be posting them as well.





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