Sometimes apart, sometimes close,

All this is fine as we are “bro’s”.

Sharing a bond that is not fake,

It’s okay if we are sometimes on a break.

But never think this bond will ever be over.

As none of us will then ever be sober.

We are there for each other, we must remember,

Each and everyday from January to December.

Walked together upon the ups and downs of the hill,

We always loved each other and always will.



we 4






The strands on the face are so pretty,

That it turned my eyes misty.

So brightening are those eyes, 

That I cannot see the moonshine.

The smiling lips so pleasant,

That I forgot my whole presence.

So peaceful is that face,

That it will forever hold my gaze.




This was the last when she cried,

The next were only her fierce eyes.

All the miseries are now long gone,

Now the wait is of new dawn.

That last drop made her realize,

Tears will only jeopardize her life.

All her life, she was leashed,

With that last drop, she was freed. 







Still trying my hands on drawing with apps, so just randomly drawn these two. Honestly, when I have nothing specific to draw, I either end up with drawing a vase or a dress or eyes. I’ll soon be posting eyes as well but need some time, so till then I thought why not to post these. Hope you all like it.🙂



eyes on the coffee

“do you want some coffee?” he asked.

Thinking twice, she said yes.

Waiting around, she is now lost in the past.

This was the place where he confessed.

Sitting there alone, with no one around,

Remembering the old times and the talking,

The eyes, that were once filled with love,

Are stilled on the coffee, with nothing.




In the last post I said I’m trying something new, so this is the new. For long time I was searching for apps for drawing and then came across one app which is not that good but okay so I tried it and drew these 4 drawings. Working with this app I still can say that it is not one of the best app but I’m trying to adjust with it. I’m still learning and trying new app hoping to get better. Wish me luck 🙂



A Flower of Flame

Its been a while that I haven’t posted any thing, this month and the next I have all my exams, practicals etc. etc., but today I thought I should post something; not much but small doodles, again drawn in the middle of the classes I attended few weeks back.

But one of them was drawn out of anger. I was so angry at that moment that I found nothing, but to draw anything and drawing helps a lot to cool down my anger. Looking at the drawing, it seems to me that they were flames of my anger but it actually looks like a flower so I named it as “A flower of flame”. I wasn’t going to post it but my best friend said that this looks beautiful you should post it, so here it is now I am posting it.

Though these are busy months but I am trying something new in art that I haven’t tried before and I am enjoying it. Soon I’ll be posting them as well.